Friday Night Funkin PC

Friday Night Funkin PC

Friday Night Funkin PC

Friday Night Funkin is the place where the beat count! Dance and have fun with FNF PC game from PC too!
Version  •  139 MB

Friday Night Funkin is a free rhythm game developed by four Newgrounds users. It was programmed by Ninjamuffin99. The developers uploaded the Friday Night Funkin For PC on the Newgrounds website. After that, Newgrounds users start playing their game. The FNF game becomes very popular after trending on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch.

The gameplay of Friday Night Funkin is based on two characters Boyfriend and Girlfriend. The first character of Friday Night Funkin PC is Boyfriend. The character "Boyfriend" has to defeat any character in singing and rapping content to able to date his love "Girlfriend.

Currently, Friday Night Funkin is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux Operating systems. You can Download the Friday Night Funkin PC version from the above download button.

Game Features

Game Movements

  • Arrow Keys
  • WASD
  • Enter


  • Enter
  • Arrow Keys
Flowers in Chania

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Can I Download Friday Night Funkin PC?

You can Download Friday Night Funkin For PC Which are running on Windows, MAC and Linux Operating system by following these steps. 1. First of all, Click on the Download button on top of the page. 2. Now FNF PC downloading will be started on your Computer. 3. After downloading process is completed, You can install the FNF Installer on your PC

Q2. How do you play Friday Night Funkin’ on your phone?

The gameplay of Friday Night Funkin game is very simple. You can play FNF game with just 4 keys which UP, Down, Left and Right. When you first open a game on your device, You first have to select mode. There are three modes in the FNF game which are Story Mode and Free Play Mode. After that, You have to select weeks. Now select the hardness of the game. There is three hardness Easy, Normal and Hard mode. Now music will start playing and you have to sing by Up, Down, Left and Right buttons. If you play music well, You will win.

Q3. How Many Game Mode Are There In FNF?

Currently, There two Game Play mode in Friday Funkin game. These are Story Mode and Free Play Mode. The Story Mode is main mode of the FNF game. In this mode, The player play through different weeks. The Free Play Mode is a alternative mode of Story Mode. In this mode, Players can play any song from any week and practice it before joining Story mode.

Q4. Is Friday Night Funkin Free?

A. Yes, Friday Night Funkin is completely free to play to Windows, MAC, Linux and Mobile Operating systems such as Android. You can even play FNF on your web browser such as Chrome and Firefox for free.

Q5. Is Friday night Funkin OK for kids?

The Friday Night Funkin is made for children above 13 years old. This is because of some crude sexual references. When a player lost a game, After that we see an X-ray vision of the character’s body. In that X-ray, The ball of character is beating. It is not very highlighted but still it is wrong for kids below 13 years old.You can also checkout Connections Wordle which is made for kids.

Q6. What are Operating Systems Supported By FNF game?

Currently, The Operating systems support by Frdiay Night Funkin or FNF Game are Windows, MAC and Linux. The Mobile Operating System supported are Android and iOS. In future, Friday Night Funkin will available for all other Operating systems.

Q7. What is the Download File Size of the FNF Music Game?

The Download File Size of Friday Night Funkin Game for Windows(32bit) is 139MB and Windows(64bit) is 140MB. There is very little difference in the size of the FNF game for Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit. The Installer Size of Friday Night Funkin MAC is also 140 MB. The FNF Installer size for Linux is around 144 MB. The installer size is high because Linux is different from all other Operating systems.

Q8. What To Do if FNF Feezes Durning Loading?

The only problem that FNF have is that it sometimes freezes while loading. The solution to this problem is to restart the game or if you are playing online on browser then refresh the webpage. After that, FNF will start loading again and will be ready to play. If this solution doesn’t work then you will need to reinstall the game.

Q9. Why Is Friday Night Funkin So Popular?

Currently, Thousands of Youtuber sharing content related to Friday Night Funkin game. This show that FNF is very popular among gamer. The game is so popular because it is based of music which everyone likes. The second reason is that in this game you will need to win heart of your girlfriend’s father which is ex-rockstar. The new generation likes everything which have love and romance. The major reason of this FNF game viral is Tik Tok. The millions of people created Tik Tok about FNF.